Red Rose Rescue Update: Rescuers Released in Alexandria VA

Rescuers have been released in Alexandria VA. They will return to court on Thursday September 21, 2017 to address charges brought against them. At least three babies were saved today with countless others impacted by the rescuers’ sacrifice in solidarity with the children being brought to slaughter and the women at risk of bodily harm. The love and compassion which motivated these Red Rose Rescuers was felt by all who witnessed the event. One father agreed to speak to his wife about post abortive counselling. One mother with ectopic pregnancy was able to find a high-risk doctor to treat her and to save her baby.

A Red Rose Rescue can be held at any abortion facility at any time. If you feel motivated to participate or interested in knowing more, reach out to me. I’ll put you in touch with one of the rescuers and/or organizers of today’s event.

Pro-Life history was made today. Thanks for participating by your prayers. Please continue to pray as the court proceedings unfold.